• Phi Gamma Delta has a rich

Becoming a Member

One of the most important and exciting ongoing events at the Alpha Omega Delta Chapter is recruitment, or rush. Phi Gamma Delta has a rich history and tradition on campus and we are continuously building our future.

The future of our fraternity is determined by the quality of men we recruit each year. The success of our fraternity on campus is a by-product of the level of excellence we uphold in our chapter and brothers. We at Phi Gamma Delta take great pride and put forth a tireless effort to initiate the best brothers at Ohio University. Our recruitment process consists of four main steps recruitment, bidding, pledging, and initiation.

At the end of the recruitment period, our brothers assemble to select potential brothers we believe would best represent the values and attitude of our fraternity. We will issue bids to these men. Once the potential members receive the bid and they accept, they will begin the new member process. When new members complete the new member process they will be initiated as brothers and welcomed into our fraternity.

Any high school seniors or current OU students who are interested or have questions about rushing the Alpha Omega Delta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, please feel free to email us at president@oufiji.com. Our schedule for upcoming recruitment events will be posted on our events calendar when complete. We look forward to seeing you soon.

FALL Rush 2023

Ohio University Fall formal recruitment begins in September. For details on Ohio University’s Formal Recruitment, visit the Interfraternity Council’s Recruitment Hub. Be sure to take these steps:

  • Read about OU FIJI by browsing this website
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
  • Sign up for our Spring recruitment email list below

    Students demonstrate this commitment throughout their undergraduate careers by:

    • Maintaining a higher average GPA than the all-university average GPA
    • Providing scholarship and other financial assistance to members
    • Leadership development through serving as chapter or council officers or seeking membership in our honor societies
    • Managing and coordinating recruitment events, budgets and finances, and large and small scale event planning
    • Students conference and development opportunities not accessible to the typical student – ones focused on the ideas of making the fraternity and sorority community better and developing our members into leaders
    • Giving back to the community through record-breaking service, volunteer, and philanthropic opportunities

    Pledge Education

    • There is no hazing allowed in Phi Gamma Delta at any time, for new members or brothers.
    • The education program and the new member process have been changed.  Come to the Phi Gamma Delta house for specifics.
    • Pledges learn from the “Purple Pilgrim,” our source for the Fraternity’s history, characteristics and values.
    • A retreat or meeting will be held for new members to chart the course for the future.
    • New members are required to achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to be initiated, although 3.0 or greater is preferred to pledge. We intend to have the highest academic rank among all campus organizations.