Not for College Days Alone

It is often said that Phi Gamma Delta is “Not for College Days Alone.” Indeed, Phi Gamma Delta depends heavily on the generosity, ingenuity and selfless characteristics of its Graduate Brothers in order to provide continuity within its chapters and within the International Fraternity in order to sustain and spread the influence of Phi Gamma Delta around the United States and Canada.

Graduate Brothers volunteer time to serve as members of local House Corporations, Boards of Chapter Advisers, Purple Legionnaires, Section Chiefs, Archons and Educational Foundation Board Members as well as to mentor undergraduates on career preparedness.

Since Alpha Omega’s founding in 1965, many of its Graduate Brothers have responded to the needs of Phi Gamma Delta in these capacities. Of particular note, the following Alpha Omega Graduate Brothers have had the high honor of being asked to serve Phi Gamma Delta at the International Level in the following capacities:

David F. Slater ’67 – Section Chief for Chapters at Clemson, Emory, Georgia, Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Graduate Chapter

James R. Gibbs ’69 – Section Chief for Chapters at University of Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio, and Ohio University.

Roger J. Smith ’72 – Section Chief for Chapters at Akron, Bowling Green, Case Western Reserve

Robert D. Vice ’73 – Section Chief for Chapters at Florida International and the Southwestern Florida Graduate Chapter

Ronald A. Sages ’73 – Archon Treasurer, Director of Housing, Chair of the Financial Advisory Board, Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Walter R. “Tiger” Thiel, Jr. ’85 – Field Secretary #95

Kevin R. McGraw ’90 – Section Chief for Chapters at University of Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio and University of Kentucky

Graduate Awards and Recognitions

Chan F. Coulter Cup

The Chan F. Coulter Cup is awarded to the Graduate Brother who has contributed the most to an undergraduate chapter through service in a capacity other than as a Purple Legionnaire or General Officer.

Distinguished Fiji Service Award

The Distinguished Fiji Service Award is presented to Graduate Brothers by the Archons in recognition of unselfish service and contributions to the welfare and advancement of The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta.

Haynes Award

The Haynes Award is presented to the most effective Section Chief. It was proposed by the Rho Chi Chapter at the University of Richmond in honor of Tyler Haynes (Richmond 1922), who was a former Section Chief and Coulter Cup recipient.


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